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Through the application of the 4D sustainability Canvas we help you to assess your company’s impact and define practical actions in line with the UN SDGs and your sustainability strategy

How it works

Understanding your current state

We start with a quick exploratory call and pre-assessment to understand your company’s current stage and be able to tailor the workshop to your needs.

participatory sustainability strategy

Based on the initial assessment we conduct a 4D Canvas workshop involving your team members.


  • Sustainability assessment
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Value chain mapping
  • Linking SDGs to sustainability actions
  • Identifying priority actions with a materiality matrix

true commitment starts with your goals

Set sustainability goals, targets and action plan assigned to different team members. We support you in the process of defining targets and finding the most appropriate indicators.

announce your commitment

To conclude your previous steps you may choose to order a tailored written sustainability assessment and manifesto that will showcase a true commitment for a better and more sustainable business.

Communicating your current sustainability status and interim progress towards stakeholders conveys transparency and authenticity that can unlock further competitive advantages

*This step is an optional service that we charge additionally

*The consulting process depicts a generic approach and does not mean we will necessarily follow all steps. We may align the steps to the client’s needs and current stage of sustainability of the company

Additional services

Impact Measurement and Theory of Change

Carbon measurement

Waste Management

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Ethical Supply Chain

How sustainability will benefit your company?

Embedding sustainability into business strategy has proven to:

Retain and attract talent

Sustainability is also about creating an inclusive working culture, according to a Deloitte study today’s workforce is seeking purpose, authenticity and flexibility. Inclusion is an important factor in determining whether they will stay at or leave an organization.

Create brand loyalty

66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands” – 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report

Enhance employee engagement

Purpose strengthens innovation and raises motivation of employees according to EY study , which leads to higher satisfaction and performance rates.

Create resilience

“Regular dialogue with stakeholders and continual iteration, a company with a sustainability agenda is better positioned to anticipate and react to economic, social, environmental, and regulatory changes as they arise.”

Improve financial performance

According to International Finance Corporation companies with high environmental and social performance outperform those with a weak E&S score.

Ultimately, when you do a business that does not harm the environment
and support the communities around will give a chance for future generations to thrive!

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    The 4D Sustainability Canvas and Framework is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.