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Did you know that sustainability can
be your competitive advantage?

New Markets

U$ 12 trillion

is the value of economic
opportunities for sustainable
business models

Employee Engagement

86% of employees

would consider leaving an employer
whose values no longer met their

Building Trust

53% of consumers

are disappointed with brand’s words and actions on social issues

Investor Awareness

One in four dollars

of professionally managed assets (amounting to USD 13 trillion) now consider sustainability principles

1. Better Business Better World – Business & Sustainable Development Commission 2017


3. The rise of the purpose-lead brand – Accenture Strategy 2018

4. 20the 20Impact 20Investing 20Market_webfile.pdf

What is unique
about our approach?


Sustainability is complex and can be overwhelming, we  are here to help breaking it down and lift the overwhelm.


We work with your team as a whole, fostering engagement and ownership of tasks among co-workers.

One step at a time

We understand the struggle of small companies, our solutions offer a gradual transition. One small step today can lead to a big change tomorrow.

Who can use it?

What our clients say

Betty Bonnardel

The 4D process provides a 360 degrees review and allows for concrete actions, with a clear aim to contribute to the SDGs.

Betty Bonnardel
CEO and founder of Farmer Charlie
Lilian Warutere

Learning about sustainability and using the 4D Sustainability Canvas has helped us understand our impact and how to increase it as part of our business strategy. We plan to use the learnings and roadmap we have created to build a business that is more sustainability driven.

Lilian Warutere
founder of RE-D LEARN
Carolina Nalon

The expectations were exceeded. It was a very powerful activation energy!

Carolina Nalon
founder of Instituto Tiê
Ana Simaens

The 4D canvas is a useful tool to broaden the perspective of organizations that want to understand their potential impact on different stakeholders throughout the value chain in terms of four key dimensions.

Ana Simaens
Assistant Professor | Iscte Business School
Jéssica Barcelos

We managed to gain a clear vision of the organization's impact, on a macro level, and we took the first steps that would have not been possible without the 4D Sustainability Canvas.

Jéssica Barcelos
from CLP Public Leadership
Alexandre Pinheiro

It helped me to understand in an empirical and simple way how we can be more sustainable and generate more positive impact in our value chain.

Alexandre Pinheiro
from La Gracia, a communication consultancy from Brazil

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    The 4D Sustainability Canvas and Framework is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.