Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value

Albert Einstein


We envisage a new system where success is measured by the positive impact and value created for the society and planet.


Sustainability is not a buzzword. It is the only way businesses can create value and survive long term. Value creation extends to all stakeholders including the biosphere and future generations, as opposed to the current paradigm of temporarily enriching shareholders. Our mission is to embed this vision into the core of all business models.

With the 4D Sustainability Canvas we offer an affordable, simplified and collaborative solution for companies wanting to embark on the sustainability journey.



Only if we unite the diverse set of visions and knowledge can we find solutions to the complex environmental and socio-economic problems.


Shifting the business mindset from infinite growth to prosperity is the new value standard that can pave the way to a healthy planet and thriving society. We invite companies to reset the meaning of value with us.


Could sustainability be available and affordable to all? The quest that drove us to the creation of the 4D Sustainability Canvas, we believe in an inclusive economy where no one is left behind due to financial, geographical or knowledge barriers. We challenge the paradigm that sustainability should be a privilege.


Our solution is not a silver bullet to all complex and systemic problems, our intention is to show that any company or individual can set on the course of change. We don’t pretend to be knowing it all, we are here to challenge the ‘business as usual’ and give support for those who think the same, while acknowledging our limitations in the current system.

About us

Two people in the quest of making sustainability the new standard for businesses of any size and maturity, came together as part of a social innovation challenge and created a hands-on methodology to demonstrate that SME’s can set on having sustainable and impact driven business models with little resources available.


Liza is a multiskilled consultant helping companies unlock their potential for positive impact, her expertise lies in the fields of business strategy, impact measurement and sustainable development. Prior to her path in sustainability and social innovation, she managed projects in large multinational corporations in Hungary, Russia and the UK. She is member of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership network.


Luiz has built his professional career based on skills developed in communication, creative thinking, innovation, storytelling and social impact. He believes in the power of collaboration to build better businesses for people and the planet. 

Ready to positively impact the world?

The 4D Sustainability Canvas and Framework is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.